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Textiles, Inmate Uniforms, Prison Supplies, Health Care Linen, Clothing, Undergarments, Housekeeping & Laundry, Footwear, Sheets & Pillowcases, Blankets & Bedspreads, Personal Hygiene, Footwear and more SINCE 1992.

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Unwrapped Antibacterial Soap (vegetable oil) Inmate shirts, color stripes Terry hand towels, economy Wool blankets, woven, grey color Canvas Slip-on Shoes
Terry hand towels, economy
As low as $13.00 / Dz
Wool blankets, woven, grey color
Our Price: $10.00 per blanket
Canvas Slip-on Shoes
Our Price: $4.95 per pair
. . . . .
Security razor, short handle Bedsheets, economy, white Jumpsuits with velcro Jersey knit shorts, 6" Inseam Jumpsuits, color stripes
Security razor, short handle
Our Price: $0.15 per razor
Bedsheets, economy, white
As low as $45.00 / Dz
Jumpsuits with velcro
Our Price: $17.00
Jumpsuits, color stripes
Our Price: $16.00
Security razor, short handle . . . .
Inmate shirts, solid color Fluoride toothpaste (lamintated tube) Sweatshirts, long sleeves Boxer shorts Jumpsuits, solid color
Fluoride toothpaste (lamintated tube)
Our Price: $0.18 per piece
Boxer shorts
Our Price: $18.00 per dozen
Jumpsuits, solid color
Our Price: $16.00
. Fluoride toothpaste (lamintated tube) . Boxer shorts, cotton/poly blend, fly front and elastic waistband. .

Today's Super Deal!

T-shirts, crew neck, all cotton

Our Price: $25.00 per dozen
T-shirts, crew neck,  100% cotton
T-Shirts, crew neck, all cotton

Top Sellers

Tube socks
Our Price: $6.00 per dozen

New Products

Pajamas, men, navy with white trim, woven fabric
Our Price: $15.00 per set
Mesh Safety Vest, Economy, ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 cert
Our Price: $17.00 Each